The Grounds

Gardens and Woodland

The Gardens and Woodland at Waterwynch House run to some 10 acres.   There is an incredible contrast bewteen the tranquility of the garden side of the house as compared to the seaside.  On the seafront, not only do you have the sound of the waves but you also have the sound of the stream exiting on to the beach.  The stream collects the water in the valley and runs through the garden and under the house.

The garden has a wildness to it with many areas of meadow and wild flowers.  There are still areas of the garden where we are working out our scheme to best compliment the existing garden and that which will withstand the climate, especially on some of the exposed banks.

The woodland which becomes an exquisite bluebell wood runs along the side of the cliff path to The Point. 

The formal gardens are at the front of the house.  The Main Lawn competes with the beach at lowtide for rounders but is great also for Speedminton.

 The Beach

All beaches in the UK belong to the Crown. Waterwynch House is privileged to own the foreshore to the median high tide watermark.  This is approximately 10ft beyond the coast path steps towards the sea.  The end of the slipway if not covered by stones and the red spots on the cliff side on each side of the beach marks the boundary.

The shingle on the beach signify that our beach is a storm beach.  The shingle forms a natural part of our flood defences and move with the tide.  With every storm and every tide the beach changes.  It is fascinating to see the new ridges the tide makes, it changes everyday.  It is lovely on the beach to hear the waves crashing in and the movement of the pebbles as the water ebbs out.  With the January 2014 storms, the very high tides moved all the shingle on the beach to the base of the sea wall. In the February 2014 storms they were all cleared from the bottom of the sea wall.  

The stream and waterfall at the end of the main lawn in the garden runs under the house and comes out in the waterfall on the beach terrace and out to join the sea.   It is fascinating to see the patterns and shapes the fresh water creates as it goes down to the beach.  We love the way this natural flow of water from the surrounding hills flows into the sea in the same way it has for thousands of years and how there is fresh water on the beach making its union with the sea.

We build a new fire pit in July.   Over the summer, its sides gradually build up as it seems like the most natural thing in the world to toss stones at its sides and to carry on building it when you are sitting aside a roaring fire. That is of course aside from when you are engaged in exceedingly competitive target hitting activity.

Our long term intention is to harness this beautiful water flow into hydro electric.

A spur of the Pembrokeshire National Coast Path provides pedestrian public access to the beach.  There is no public vehicle access to the beach.