In the late 1810s, the artist Charles Norris was given a lease on very favourable terms over plot of land by the Burgesses of Tenby, in recognition of his work in promoting the town. It was a condition of the lease that he had to build a house costing no less than £200 within 2 years and in 1820 Waterwynch House was built.  

Norris used the land to construct Waterwynch House, a building that he lived in until his death in 1858.

In 1920 Waterwynch House became the residence of Lord and Lady Risdale into whose family Sir Stanley Baldwin was married and who spent many holidays here. We have Lord Risdale to thank for the fabulous Billiard Room and table.

Waterwynch House was converted into a hotel during the 1980s and was substantially restored to its former residential glory by the Philip and Jacqui Evans. We have Philip and Jacqui to thank for the restoration of the Great Hall, construction of the Sky Room and Dining Room extension and fabulous Family Kitchen.  They sold the house to new owners in 2012.  The current owners acquired Waterwynch House in December 2020 and have continued the refurbishment work started by the previous owners.

Message from the Owners

We stumbled across Waterwynch quite by accident and it was love at first sight.

There is something uniquely special about Waterwynch House and its grounds, that we do not really feel like the "owners" of this magical place, we feel that we are custodians.  Our task is to maintain, to restore and build upon the beauty that is so intrinsically a part of being at Waterwynch given its stunning setting and grounds. Needless to say with 10 acres of formal gardens and 12,500 sq ft of house, we will be busy reinvesting for many years to come!

It gives us great pleasure to have so many others enjoy the tranquility, comfort and beauty of Waterwynch by sharing it with you.  

Whether it is partying or hanging out with friends and family in the house itself or just drinking in the views and enjoying the grounds, we hope you find all the ingredients to help you celebrate all that is beautiful in life.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Waterwynch Experience.


Thank you