Youngsters at Waterwynch

Rain or Shine there is plenty to keep all ages happy and occupied both at Waterwynch and in the surrounding area.

Sara Ranger - contact

If you want help entertaining the kids, you could book Sara, forest Ranger and kids play co-ordinator.  Bear in mind the minimum age she will work with is 3, and children aged between 3 to 7 years need to be accompanied. Activities Include:

  • Forest School sessions
  • Mud Kitchen
  • Arts and Crafts
    • Mask Making
    • Dream Catchers
    • Pet Logs
    • Natural Collage
    • Flappy Fish
    • Bonnets
    • Bee hotels
    • Recycled Art
  • Mini Beast Safari
  • Rock Pooling
  • Guided Play
  • Camp fires

And much more…  Prices tailored to events and activities.

Note about Health and Safety

This is not the world of health and safety gone mad. It is Arthur Ransome, it is Enid Blyton. How we love the Faraway Tree. How we can imagine elves and pixies in the light dappled ferns in the shades of the stream. The stream is dangerous, the sea is dangerous. We are in a valley, there are hills, there are rocks. There are traditional Victorian terraces with drops. Roses and brambles have thorns. Mud is slippery. If you run and horseplay in the woodland like lunatics, you can easily trip on a tree root.