Music Studio

A dedicated Music Studio is secreted at the bottom of the Great Hall Staircase and has been fitted out and configured by the famous London based rehearsal studios, The Joint.

Musical equipment includes:

  • electronic drum kit (and headphones)
  • 2 guitar amplifiers
  • 24 channel PA System (and Sid) 
  • Electric bass guitar
  • 1 x electric guitar
  • Variety of percussion instruments
  • microphone

All equipment in this room will have been checked and any non-functioning items will be notified to you on arrival.

Of course the grand piano in the Sky Room is close by and it is not unusual for a jamming session to spread into the study area with a pianist joining in.  

The kids love this area and it is amazing how much natural rhythm the youngsters have when let loose on the electronic drum kit. The headphones can be essential!

Basic set up is provided and the equipment is configured for optimum performance.  

If you are serious musicians and need a more sophisticated set-up, additional charges might apply.