Dogs are very welcome at Waterwynch.  We charge £60 per dog per stay. They should be supervised in the grounds as they can get out.

There are however restrictions on where Dogs may go in the house:

  • Dogs are restricted to the Boot Room, Dining Room and Billiard Room on the Ground Floor.
  • Dogs are restricted to the Arts & Crafts and Lobby to Look Out on the Second Floor.
  • They are restricted to the Great Hall on the First floor.

Dogs are not allowed in any other part of the house and expecially not the bedrooms.  If dogs are found to have been in any of the bedrooms, there will be an additional deep clean surcharge of £125 plus VAT per bedroom.  

The Boot Room has a dog flap to enable the dogs to take themselves out to toilet in the alley.  There is also a dog toilet in the alley for flushing the dogs doings away.  No poo bags must be flushed down the dog loo.  If they are, the drains will block and there will be a surcharge for unblocking the drains.

If the dogs toilet in the grounds, please use poo bags and dispose of in the outside bins provided.