Arts & Crafts

This lovely creative space is located on the second floor, on the garden side of Look-Out.

With doors opening on to the terrace overlooking the garden, Arts and Crafts is set up so that young and old can have creative fun in a space dedicated for just this purpose.

With a sink and and a large central working table, there is plenty of room for a few people to have a play.

Whether it is collage, painting or drawing, you name it, here you have the perfect space to let your imagination go wild.  Of course if you are holding a special celebration at Waterwynch, you have the perfect place to make decorations.

What is more, with this being a dedicated space you are not going to upset anyone by leaving your work in progress to come back to it another day.

To help you on your way, a selection of materials are supplied.  

Please appreciate that on changeovers we have very limited time to prepare the house for our next guests.  We are therefore very dependant upon guests clearing up after themselves and keeping us advised of any requirements.

We hope to keep this facility included in the cost of the house rental.  However, if we find our generosity of supply abused or the maintenance requirements of this area too excessive, we reserve the right to introduce a spearate charge for this facility.  

As you will appreciate when you are here, Waterwynch is all about abundance and it is nt our style to charge for every little thing, so we hope that this will not be necessary.