Waterwynch is an experience.

It is an opportunity to simple hang out and be. Running from commitment to commitment as so many of us a want to do, we forget what it is like to simply hang out, play a 4 hour chinese chequers game because us girlies were gassing too much and thought every move had to involve a jump over another marble. The kids meanwhile are playing in the Music Studio or are up in Arts & Crafts.

Waterwynch is an opportunity to explore and play without having to go anywhere at all.

As is clear from the photographs, Waterwynch is truly located on the beach with its own private acess to the beach.

It is a lovely sun trap at the base of the sea wall and there is nothing more lovely than lying on a lounger with the stream babbling to one side and the waves lapping on the shore, watching the sunlight bounce off the Faery Water dripping down the cliff face on to the beach.


Comfortable seating to facilitate general lounging, hanging out, reading and snoozing are scattered across the various terraces.  More portable items are available in the garage for settling in your favourite spot in the garden.


The formal gardens and woodland at Waterwynch have many lovely places to have a picnic.

A selection of picnicware, and flasks are available.

On the Beach

Of course there a lots of things to do on the beach without any paraphenalia at all!

However, to save you travelling with more than you need, a small selection of buckets and spades and beach paraphenalia including fishing nets for rock pools are available with a few [boards].

A firepit is made on the Waterwynch part of the beach when we feel confident that the worst of the spring tides and storms are behind us.

Sport at Waterwynch

  • There is a permanent outdoor table tennis table on the table tennis lawn.
  • A full speedminton kit.
  • A club rounders set.
  • Boules

The main lawn is perfect for rounders and speedminton.  We do have Waterwynch rounders rules (available on request) to cater for the cynical player that aims to his the ball into the Rhodadendrums!

Speedminton is a fast form of badminton with heavier shuttlecocks which means it is playable in a breeze.  Great Fun!

All sports equipment is available in the garage.

Alternatively, or for those rainy days, we have a fitness room available for guests with spectacular views - staying fit has never felt so good! 

Walking at Waterwynch

There are lovely walks within the Waterwynch gardens and Estate.  The tranquility of the garden and woodland with its birdsong can be an incredible contrast to the beachside of the house. 

A leisurely meander taking in the formal gardens, waterfall and stream passed the orchard up to the race track, passed the walled garden, the Engine Room through the Woodland to the swing seat at  The Point and back along the cliff path back to Look-out can easily take you a couple of hours.  Especially, if you take a flask of coffee and pause at the different benches to drink in the view.    

Good Low tides with clement sea swell mean that it is lovely to walk to either Saundersfoot or to Tenby along the beach.  A good low tide for this is anything around the 1.2 metre mark.  

The walk to Tenby North Beach is the less arduous of the two and relatively gentle. It takes about 20 minutes. The main pinch point is at Bowmans Point. The key is to be as close to passing the pinch point as you can at low tide.  If the swell is high,  Bowmans Point may be impassable notwithstanding the low tide unless you want to get extremely wet.  In the summer  bear in mind that a dog ban is in Place on Tenby North Beach and beyond the harbour at Saundersfoot.

The walk to Saundersfoot takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half. Really depends on the composition of your group, dogs, children and how much time is spent exploring the rock pools and caves.  The tidal pinch points are at the points of the next bay but one. You will often see line fisherman here. They are usually fishing for sea bass. It is always worth asking them for their opinion on where the tide is at and any timings.  

At Monkstone beach - the spot blessed with most magnificent dolphin display caught on camera in 2013. You have two options, add about a mile to your walk and walk round the beach; find a path through the rocky outcrops. A little strenuous but the option we always take!

The Pembrokeshire National Park Coast Path

The Waterwynch Estate is perfectly located to let you experience walking the Pembrokeshire National Park Coast Path. The coastal path runs at the back of the estate. In one direction you can take the coastal path to Tenby onto Penally and Manorbier. In the other direction to Monkstone, Saundersfoot, Wisemans Bridge and Amroath.

A spur of the coastal path runs alongside the Waterwynch Estate onto the beach enabling walkers of the coastal path to walk to Tenby or Saundersfoot along the beach when there is a favourable low tide. 


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